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Channeling Haitian History Through Black History Month

February 11, 2017


Image Above: From Marcus Rainsford, An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti, (London: James Cunder, 1805)

For me, as a Black person, as it should be for all Black people….

Haitian history is both a sword and a shield.

It is a shield in that it protects us from the lie that White people have a natural right to control our fate.

It is a sword, in that it reminds them that their blood can spill if they ever think their attempt to control our fate will be tolerated forever.

What Would Martin Luther King, Jr. Say About Barack Obama and Cory Booker?

January 16, 2017

martinlutherkingspeakingImage of Martin Luther King, Jr. Speaking


We don’t have to guess. Dr. King already made his statement on such politicians in the piece “The Black Power Defined,” June 11, 1967

“The majority of Negro political leaders do not

ascend to prominence on the shoulders of mass support.

Although genuinely popular leaders are now

emerging, most are still selected by white leadership,

elevated to position, supplied with resources and

inevitably subjected to white control. The mass of Negroes

nurtures a healthy suspicion toward this manufactured

leader, who spends little time in persuading them

that he embodies personal integrity, commitment and

ability and offers few programs and less service.

Tragically, he is in too many respects not a fighter for a new

life but a figurehead of the old one. “

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Why Bernie Sanders is the Most Important Thing To Happen in American Politics Since Ronald Reagan

January 13, 2017
The most important thing to happen in American politics since Ronald Reagan, contrary to what people believe was not Barack Obama. It was Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign did more to introduce mainstream Americans to real left progressive politics than any person in the modern history of American politics, and I say that as someone who was not a Bernie Sanders supporter. Barack Obama, on the other hand, had the most toxic effect on American politics ever imagined. Barack Obama got Black America, the constituency with the most extensive and proud history of challenging the American political status quo, to almost full throatily support and endorse neoliberal privatization, corporatism, and horrific imperialism all under the guise of racial symbolism. Black America has now moved to the right of a whole segment of the Democratic party when in reality it has traditionally been the other way around.
Sanders, on the other hand, did something that many with true progressive and left politics thought was almost impossible. He shattered the neoliberal pro corporatist consensus in the Democratic party. Bernie Sanders should be remembered as one of the most important figures in modern American political history, and I truly hope he is remembered as such.

Why America Deserves Donald Trump as President

September 26, 2016
America deserves Donald Trump as a president. He is the most accurate representation of every vile and base motivation that gave birth to this White Settler Colonial Project called America. Those are the most honest motivations of course. He is literally what America would look like if embodied in a human being; with all its bluster, insecurity laden macho, and total exaggerated list of accomplishments. Trump deserves to be president because he so effectively illustrates all the ugly hypocrisies, contradictions, venal greed, and crass lust that is at the core of this Nation’s identity.
His honest reflection of what America truly is explains why I don’t fear his rise. Trump is simply a political manifestation of all America has ever been: arrogant, belligerent, dishonest, and motivated by sheer avarice. It is fitting that after a charade of a president like Barack Obama, who was merely manufactured by the power elite to create a brown faced smoke screen after the greatest economic crash since 1929 in order to protect the most horrid capitalist offenders: The Big Banks, that the real America show its face in a President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the vapid identity politics of “The First Black… First Woman….First Gay…First Transgender….,” which lulls Americans to sleep under some banal post Civil Rights pseudo claim to progress only because “one of us is now driving the Death Star,” can be put to rest. Such politics have been effectively used to motivate all the “oppressed” lumpen of this nation to cheerlead as their Black; female; gay; and transgender comprador brothers and sisters to American empire drop bombs on Syrian children and protect police for snuffing out the lives of unarmed Black motorists. At least a President Trump would disabuse us of the ridiculous notion that America has made progress because Barack Obama has droned more nations than George W. Bush all in the name of Martin Luther King’s Dream.
A President Donald Trump would allow us to return to a more honest America where we didn’t have to act like we agreed with a president’s various blood drenched imperialist acts because they were Black or a woman. Trump lets the blue eyed impotency of American empire return to the nature of those this nation was designed to benefit: The pale masculine forms whose contempt for brown, black, and even their own women, creates the confusion among their victims as they cling to contrived notions of gender equality which only cause them to lie next to their masculine masters as they further plot the exploitation of humanity together under the guise of gender based progress.
Hillary Clinton would be a much more cruel mercenary since her estrogen driven lust to wield the phallically insecure tools that have promoted this demonic White male fantasy of an empire are so cravenly manifested as blood can almost be seen dripping from her lips as she cheers for more war and corporate greed while the sheep scream “I’m with her.”
America Deserves a Donald Trump presidency because it ends the charade of humanitarian care and progress as this nations power elite continue their cries for population control that end up with the black and brown nations of the world being choked to death by the fog of bombs while being crushed by the remaining rubble.
There is no reason to fear Donald Trump as president. He would do justice to all that is humane on this planet by putting blame for the human carnage on the types whose souls will be eternally cursed for the damage they cause while they fill their pockets with profit from the carcasses of the rest of humanity.
Give America Donald Trump; so it can see its true father and be forever clear on its purpose and function in the universe. Such clarity is needed for those truly interested in fighting for justice.

On The Fourth of July, Thank the Most Important Founding Father: Haiti’s Jean-Jacques Dessalines

July 4, 2016


                                       Jean-Jacques Dessalines: Founder of the nation of Haiti

With the rise of Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential election, a reactionary nativism has taken hold in America. Resentment towards immigrants and Muslims has found solace in Trump’s promises to “build a wall” between Mexico and the United States, as well as deny further entry to Muslim immigrants. These themes have generated a White nationalistic fervor among Americans who believe they want to “take their country back,” and “make America great again.”

What is both ironic and comical about the pleas of these reactionary American nativists is that they are premised on some ridiculous White settler colonial myth about the founding of America. These ideas assume America was founded on notions of liberty and freedom when in reality those rights were originally only assured to land owning White males. What is more important in deflating this pedestrian narrative about American history’s “debt” to its bourgeois slave owning revolutionary origins, is that the most important person in assuring this settler colonial project called America was not aborted less than 30 years after the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence, was a former Black slave who helped lead an Army fellow former African slaves against three European Empires to free his people: Jean-Jacques Dessalines, founder of the independent nation of Haiti.

“But the prejudice of race alone blinded the American people [to] the debt they owed to the desperate courage of 500,000 Haitian Negroes who would not be enslaved.” — Henry Adams, direct decedent of John Adams and America’s foremost Historian of the 18th and 19th centuries

After defeating one of the greatest military expeditions in the history of the British Empire under the leadership of Toussaint L’Ouverture, his second in command, General Jean Jacques Desssalines was charged with the task of ultimately defeating Napoleon Bonoparte’s massive army from the years of 1802-1803 when Toussaint was captured by Bonaparte’s emissaries and sent back to France to die imprisoned. 

What is lost on most Americans is that Napoleon Bonaparte, renowned as one of the greatest military minds in Western history, was not merely intent on conquering the former African slaves in Haiti, but also using the opportunity to plant a military expedition in New Orleans large enough to conquer North America and then president Thomas Jefferson’s United States. Hence making the newly independent United States a subject and colony of the French Empire.

“[Napoleon] set his sights on a new goal: restoring the imperial crown’s finest jewel, the lost Saint-Domingue/Haiti. In 1801, he sent the largest invasion fleet that ever crossed the Atlantic, some 50,000 men, to the island under the leadership of his brother-in-law Charles LeClerc. Their mission was to decapitate the ex-slave leadership of Saint-Domingue/Haiti. “No more gilded Africans,” Napoleon commanded. Subdue any resistance by deception and force. Return to slavery all the Africans who survived.

Napoleon had also assembled a second army, and he had given it a second assignment. In 1800, he had concluded a secret treaty that “retroceded” Louisiana to French control after 37 years in Spanish hands. This second army was to go to Louisiana and plant the French flag. And at 20,000 men strong, it was larger than the entire U.S. Army. Napoleon had already conquered one revolutionary republic [France] from within. He was sending a mighty army to take another by brute force [The United States of America].” –“The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism,” Edward E. Baptist
In the eyes of many Americans today deluded with ideas of America’s current military prowess, the notion of Thomas Jefferson and the United States ever being concerned about an impending threat from France may seem ridiculous. What such ahistorical analysis ignores is Thomas Jefferson himself, drafter of America’s Declaration of Independence, was so terrified of the prospect of Napoleon’s army in Louisiana that he publicly stated that Napoleon’s mere presence may force the newly independent United States to run back to cower under the protection of Great Britain’s military, or her national protection completely.
“And yet, as Jefferson now instructed his envoy to Paris, Robert Livingston, “there is on the globe one single spot, the possessor of which is our natural and habitual enemy. It is New Orleans. Jefferson had to open the Mississippi one way or the other. Should a French army occupy New Orleans, wrote Jefferson, we must marry ourselves to the British fleet and Nation.”—“The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism,” Edward E. Baptist
Thomas Jefferson, America’s founding father, was cowering in fear about the prospect of fighting Napoleon’s Army. The same army the Haitian former slaves had been bravely vanquishing and eventually totally defeated under the leadership of Jean Jacques Dessalines. So much for the idea of American exceptionalism.
The Battle of Vertieres
Scene from the Battle of Vertieres. November 18, 1803
The capture of Toussaint L’Ouverture on June 7, 1802 instead of weakening the Haitian resistance in fact strengthened it. Toussaint was one of the more moderate Haitian Revolutionary leaders, and he was replaced as head of the Black rebellion by the most feared and brutal of his Generals: Jean Jacques Dessalines. Dessalines planned a war of extermination of every Frenchman on the Island using the revolutionary call “Koupe Tete, Boule Kaye” meaning “Cut off their heads, and burn their houses,”–referring to all French soldiers and Frenchmen in sight.
“By the middle of 1802, the first wave of French forces had withered away [in Saint Domingue/Haiti]. Napoleon reluctantly diverted the Louisiana Army [20,000 soldiers] to Saint Domingue/Haiti. Then this second expedition was also destroyed. So even as Toussaint L’Ouverture shivered in his cell across the ocean, the army he left behind [under Jean Jacques Dessalines] became the first to deal a decisive defeat to Napoleon’s ambitions. Damn sugar, damn coffee, damn colonies,” the first of the Whites [Napoleon] was heard to grumble into his cup at a state dinner. “–“The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism,”–Edward E. Baptist.
After vanquishing Napoleon’s forces in Port Au Prince and Les Cayes, Napoleon’s remaining army retreated to Au Cap, Haiti to be defeated in the final battle of the Haitian Revolution, The Battle of Vertieres, November 18, 1803. This final defeat of the remains from Napoleons massive expedition was so demoralizing that it not only forced Napoleon to give up his plans of conquering North America and the United States, it forced him to enter an agreement that would change the history and trajectory of the United States forever, literally giving birth to the nation it was to become: Napoleon consummated The Louisiana Purchase. Again, this was only possible because of the Haitian Army lead by Jean Jacques Dessalines.
The Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase
Map of the land acquired by Thomas Jefferson under the Louisiana Purchase
Thomas Jefferson expected to only benefit from the situation by acquiring the city of New Orleans. So important was that port city to the potential development of the United States, he was more than thrilled with the possibility of acquiring merely that city from Napoleon. The extent of Bonaparte’s demoralized defeat at the hands of Jean Jacques Dessalines and the Haitian army was demonstrated by the extent of the deal he consummated with Thomas Jefferson’s representative in Paris:
“Napoleon’s minion shocked Livingston [Thomas Jefferson’s representative] almost out of his knee breeches with an astonishing offer: not just New Orleans, but all of French Louisiana–the whole west bank of the Mississippi and its tributaries. now the United States was offered–for a mere $15 million–828,000 square miles, 530 million acres at three cents per acre. This vast expanse doubled the nations size. Eventually the land form the Louisiana Purchase would become all or part of fifteen states. It still accounts for almost a quarter of the surface area of the United States. By the late twentieth century Jefferson’s windfall would be feeding much of the world. One imagines that Livingston found it hard to hold his poker face steady. He immediately agreed to the deal.”–The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism,” Edward E. Baptist.
The efforts of Jean Jacques Dessalines and the Haitian Revolutionary army not only protected the fledgling United States from impending French conquest, the defeat of Napoleon by the brave Haitian former slaves gave America the land mass that would propel it into being one of the most powerful nations in history. None of this would have been possible without the bravery of the Haitian people who wold not be enslaved.
 “to the deadly climate of Saint Domingue/Haiti and the courage and obstinate resistance made by its Black inhabitants are we indebted…[The] truth is, Bonaparte found himself absolutely compelled’–and not by Jefferson–“to relinquish his daring plan of colonizing the banks of the Mississippi.” — Alexander Hamilton. Quote from: “The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism,” Edward E. Baptist.

The Haitian Revolution saved Jefferson’s United States from eventual conquest by Napoleon who placed 20,000 soldiers (more than the entire United States Army at the time) in New Orleans to invade North America after he foolishly thought he could defeat the Haitian Revolutionary Army. Those 20,000 soldiers had to be sent to Haiti to quell the rebellion and were subsequently defeated. Napoleon then sold all the Louisiana Territory west of the Mississippi to Thomas Jefferson for three cents per acre. This is the real story of how America was made great. Next time some Trump supporters wish to pop off about “taking their country back,” just remind them they should thank God and the Haitian people that they even have a country. 

L’Union Fait La Force