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Black Trial Lawyer Will E. Gary Named Clinton National Camaign Chair

October 3, 2007


Hat Tip 

Date: Wednesday, October 03, 2007
By: and Associated Press

The Clinton campaign announced last week that Florida attorney Willie E. Gary has been named as national campaign co-chair.

In July, Gary announced his support for Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) to an audience of more than 200 African-American men who participated in an “African-Americans for Hillary” lunch meeting.

“Hillary is a champion of civil rights, and she cares about the future of America’s youth,” Gary said in a statement.

“I have much admiration and respect for her and believe her steadfast values, forward thinking and outstanding leadership is what our country needs in a president. I am honored to serve as a national co-chair for the campaign,” he said.

Gary has been recognized by numerous publications for his work in the courtroom and for his philanthropic works. He has been featured in Ebony magazine as one of its “100 Most Influential Black Americans,” and in Forbes magazine as one of its “Top 50 attorneys in the U.S.”

He has won some of the largest jury awards and settlements in U.S. history, including more than 150 cases in excess of $1 million each.

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  1. October 4, 2007 12:40 am

    Mr. Gary has had ‘women issues ‘ too, but I’m not hating. The man’s skill level can never be denied, and if this is what he wants, then so be it.

  2. Denise permalink
    October 4, 2007 11:16 am

    Again, in spite of the “he’s black so he can’t …” excuses, Hillary is simply running a more competitive campaign.

  3. November 20, 2007 1:00 am

    As much as I’d like to see a woman president, I don’t trust Hillary as far as I can throw her.

  4. Shirley R. Page permalink
    July 1, 2009 12:58 am

    Dear Mr. Gary,

    Please, Please, Please Help,

    There is no other way to say it or ask it…….if anyone in this city had said

    that they would help, Sir I would not attempt to ask you to help me…..I have

    been down this road so many times……..over a span of 25 years I had lived

    and tried to work in what I can only described as (THE RACIST CAPITAL) of

    the United States…….. St. Louis, MO……… following is a summation of some

    of what I have been subjected to at the hands of co-workers employers and

    the EEOC… you will read if God Almighty Himself had not stopped me I

    too would have put a gun in the roof of my own mouth………this is a very

    true and accurate account …….as much as I can submit …..

    Three Murders and A Suicide ……..It is with much sorrow that I write this letter, but greater than my sorrow for having to write the letter is my regard for the pursuit of life with liberty, peace, and justice for all. In doing so, my hope is that he who has an ear will hear once again what racism is doing to all people. Sadly I look back over my life and I see countless altercations in my life alone.

    Racism has personally given me the opportunity to see first hand both the killing of the spirit that it perpetuates in most instances and in some instances the physical death. Take for instance the case of the police sergeant who committed suicide and murdered his wife and two children. It was said that he drugged them at dinner on that fatal evening. All three were found shot in the head in their beds. He also shot himself. He had been my supervisor when I worked as a 911 Police and Fire Dispatcher.

    He had become the target of a Racial Discrimination suit that I filed against the police department. I still have the newspaper clippings and all the information pertaining to the case. Unto this day, the truth has never been told. I have hung on to the information and the clippings. I have also come to understand over the years that there has never really been closure for me.

    I think also I always knew that the day would come when I would have to write a letter as such or verbally say to someone in a position to get the attention of a mass of people and say, “Hey look at what racism is still doing to our fellow man”.

    I had also lived just long enough, at that time, to see that history really does repeat itself and that if I just kept living I might find myself once again racially discriminated against.

    As only what some call fate would have it, while working on an assignment as an Investigator for the Division of Child Support Enforcement Department of Social Services for the state of Missouri, I experienced the cold calculating premeditated onslaught of racism. Truly there had been other altercations over the years, but at that time nothing like the racism I was subjected to while working there.

    The magnitude of maliciousness was devastating. The prejudice was epitomized. This became apparent as I saw it (prejudices) practiced and protected within the confinements of the administrative body and white members of the support staff, whosoever desired to overtly, and proudly exhibited themselves as exemplars of racist. In lieu of certain aspects of state policy, this was the tone set for the workplace of this state office.

    I was subjected to racial slurs with connotations to render certain the desired disparagement. The obvious intent to, humiliate, oppress persecute, demean, and demoralize. They tried to deface my character to justify their treatment of me because of the color of my skin.

    No one wanted to be seen anywhere near me, or talking to me. Out of a work force of about one hundred and fifty people, about twenty were Black. Of that twenty there were two Black males. I had the pleasure of eating lunch with some of the Black employees while I was there.

    We had eaten at their desk, in the lunchroom, and my desk as well. Before I left, I was eating lunch in my car on the parking lot in 99 and 100-degree weather in St. Louis, in August by myself. Needless to say, I had been successfully ostracized by the White employees.

    The harassment I experienced was outlandish. The perpetrators, being who they were, showed no consciousness of their position of hire. Their lack of professional ethics were saddening and disheartening to me. Their behavior was retrograded. These workers showed none of the allegiance that one would hope that workers of the Department of Social Services (of all departments) would portray in regards to their roles and involvement in the area of socioeconomics of divers races and creeds.

    What I witnessed was a state worker making a public proclamation of an individual’s illiteracy and using that illiteracy to mock a race. What I witnessed were supervisors I and II’s working hand in hand with one another and others in their endeavors to do so. Assuring them their sanction, and as one supervisor stated to me, “Whatever small victories”.

    I hope that three murders and a suicide can help us once again begin to see clearly that racism is wrong, and when any organized force designed for the carrying on of public or private business chooses to align itself with racism and helps to embody the same, there will always be someone at some point and whatever time, that will put forth an effort to change the structure of the establishment such that it will not be able to support, sustain, and help to institutionalize it …………..Racism.

    Their abusiveness of power and position warranted nothing less then the filing of charges with the EEOC. EEOC dismissed both of these cases their determination being, the allegations were unfounded, not true.
    I sent a copy of this along with a detail account of every incident to the governor of Missouri who was then our beloved Governor Mel Carnahan………..(he was a Jack Kennedy of a sort)………he was so the people’s choice……..He died in a plane crash but not before he responded to me by way of a letter of which I hold dear…..telling me that my letter would be sent to the Director of the Department of Social Services office for review and response.

    His letter stated that I should receive a reply in the near future, and if I didn’t to please let him know……….after a massive investigation that office was dismantled and shut down that I worked in where I experienced the racism and bigotry that I wrote to him about……I will never forget him…

    See the following………

    Mel Carnahan Age: 66 highly respected governor of Missouri who was engaged in a tight race for the U.S. Senate with Republican incumbent John Ashcroft. Known as an honest, up-front politician, Carnahan died in a plane crash on the eve of the third presidential debate, which was held in St. Louis. His son, Roger, 44, and an aide, Chris Sifford, 37, also perished in the crash. Died: near St. Louis, MO., Oct. 16, 2000

    CARNAHAN, Jean, (daughter-in-law of Albert S. J. Carnahan; mother of Russ Carnahan), a Senator from Missouri; born in Washington, D.C., on December 20, 1933; graduated George Washington University 1955, with BA in business and public administration; writer and Democratic party activist; First Lady of Missouri 1993-2000; appointed to the United States Senate, effective January 3, 2001, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of her husband, Governor Mel Carnahan, who was elected posthumously on November 7, 2000; served from January 3, 2001, to November 25, 2002, when an elected successor for the remainder of the term took office; unsuccessful candidate for election to remainder of the term in 2002.

    (Carnahan was so loved his wife was allowed to fill the vacancy real
    history) !!!!

    In the case of the Three Murders and a Suicide, the facts, the evidence, the testimony, of the White-Female who signed an affidavit stating that when she found out she would be training a (African American)…….she told the Captain and the Major of the Police Department that she was not going to train a “N” to do anything….every charge was proven…literally…there was even a confession by the Captain(He literally stated in the fact finding conference that they….he and the Captain had lied )….and yet the EEOC
    has dismissed the case determination being, the allegations were unfounded, not true.

    And now comes the case of Page vs. Life Skills this is a human issue one of equality, the same issue that (Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton) had in the township of Kirkwood. This human issue is not in a far away place from Kirkwood but just down the street, a few miles to be exact in the township of Creve Coeur……In case you don’t know who (Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton) is, he shot and killed 5 people including 2 police officers when he opened fire inside a Kirkwood City Council meeting. Six people were killed including the gunman (Charles Lee Cookie Thornton)………to be continued

    p.s. …. the sum total of the human issue of equality in this particular story equals eleven (11) lives that were taken……..the Mayor that Cookie Thornton shot died not to long ago!

    I alone have at least (30) + pages of documentation inclusive of emails referencing acts of hostility and the retaliation that I was subjected to while working for Lie Skills. I have detailed incidents to further describe and support every allegation. All of which were presented to the EEOC.
    I lived it, it was my life…………

    This is a most recent a case filed in 2008 and it too has been dismissed the case determination being, the allegations were unfounded, not true.

    Those that trust in the Lord have many enemies, many that rise up against

    them and seek their ruin; but they have one friend that is able to deal with

    them all, and if He be for them, it does not matter who is against them.

    It is the character of God’s people that they trust in Him; He is pleased to

    make them confidants, His secrets are with the righteous; and they make

    Him their trust, to Him they commit themselves……… and it was Him that

    has lead me to you………….if you speak the words Mr. Gary………..(they will

    let my cause have a hearing)

    When we are blackened, and abused, and misrepresented, by unrighteous men, it is a comfort that we have a righteous God to go to, who will take up our part, the equity and extent of God’s government and judgment are a very great support to an injured innocence.

    Thank you……….srPage

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