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Racism: With New Faces, the Problem is Still Here

October 11, 2007

Malcolm X compliments of Youtube 

By Thought Merchant

America is on the brink of a racial crisis unseen since the time of the Civil Rights Movement.

Americans are leaving nooses on the doors of Black professors at Ivy League Universities.

Americans are writing opinion pieces in online publications decrying that slavery, which caused the greatest destruction of humanity in the history of mankind, was not that bad.

Americans are allowing racist windbag commentators to insult the integrity of Black people by acting surprised that African Americans eat in a civilized fashion. 

Americans are allowing a man who tried to denigrate the  value of black women on national television by calling them (in essence) nappy headed whores, to come back to work in media less than one year after his insult.  

Americans tried to convict six Black teenagers of conspiracy to commit murder after wrongly beating up a White teenager who allegedly used racial insults to taunt one of these students.  This occurred after one of those same Black students was allegedly beaten up by a group of White students that received no similar charges.

Americans running for President of the United States have refused to hold debates in front of Black people and Latino people on multiple occasions, because they were too busy. 

Americans took a Black girl in West Virgina and allegedly sexually assaulted her, doused her with hot water, forced her to eat animal feces, and taunted her with racial slurs. Moreover, she was allegedly told by her assailants that they didn’t like black people and that they were going to hang her.

Americans are becoming racially intolerant at home while we demonize our “enemies” abroad, attack their homelands, and take their resources for our own purposes.

These are the actions of Americans.

As Malcolm X said: The problem is still here.

But because people are closing their eyes, the problem is getting worse.

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  1. October 11, 2007 10:21 pm

    I don’t think most Black people have closed their eyes. Whites have, but then they always have.

    You can choose to be encouraged or discouraged. I choose to be encouraged. Encouraged because we’re still here. And, this time, we have all sorts of weapons with which to fight. So, all WE have to do is decide that WE WILL FIGHT. That is our biggest problem.

    Call it out when you see it and don’t back down.

    We shall not be moved.


  2. paula permalink
    October 14, 2007 9:21 am

    Damn. How could you ignore what Malcom X said? He hit the nail on the head. We as Black people need to WAKE UP!!! We are nearing another presidential election and have one Black male running and one White female both Democrats. What are we going to do? I am not telling you who to vote for, I am saying we have a serious problem that some Black folks, particularly those between the ages of 18 and 30 WHO DO NOT VOTE. We have to move beyond the jealousy between us and self hatred and get out there be a part of the public, go work for MacDonalds–hey it is a DAMN JOB! you have to start somewhere. Get an education, wether it is a college education or just from picking up a book at the library or search online for Black people and African American history becuase we all know how history is taught in schools. Watch something other than 106 and Park and MTV; watch CNN or C-Span. Educate yourself; start voting for the one person you think is going to benefit you and your community. Don’t vote and then complain because you/we are being deiscriminated against. VOTE and then complain if you see the candidate you voted for is not keeping his or promises to you. Have self pride. act and dress like you have a sense of pride. Don’t be afraid to do the right thing for YOU. No one in public office make it work for you. You have to to know who you are, where you came from and just have some self pride and VOTE.

  3. Just another whity permalink
    October 14, 2007 6:43 pm

    Its people like you that dont let the past die. This is why people are getting racist again, We are tired of being blamed for what happened in the past. Then your children are showing what is in the future. Al Sharpten is showing what the future holds for black people. Oh but bring up one white guy that uses the wrong words on tv or radio. Then alow all the black youth to slander any color race or religion. Your black neighborhoods are what they are because you won’t let the past be past. You don’t see as much white killing white and turning our next generation into crack addicts.. Thank you Jesus that you forgive, because the blacks don’t forgive. Jesus will not forgive them

  4. Just another whity permalink
    October 14, 2007 6:50 pm

    The problem of racism is the race that won’t forgive and forget the past and let the past die. Bringing it up in every conversation as thou the white race has closed the door. God is in control and you reap what you sow. God will close the door if you only look at the back of the door.

  5. dcsw permalink
    November 25, 2007 1:57 pm

    I just wrote a similar post:
    The increase in racism in this country is truly scary.

    I think the last 2 lines of your post said it all:
    As Malcolm X said: The problem is still here.
    But because people are closing their eyes, the problem is getting worse.
    Thanks for your voice.

  6. January 4, 2008 5:53 pm

    There are anti-white hate crimes abound in America and even Europe that you don’t hear about (why we should close boarders to the third world). Do I hate blacks? Of course not, I’m not black and will never know how it feels to be black, only that I know it’s not easy. Racism agaisnt blacks doesnt just hurt blacks but whites too. When those ass holes did that to that poor black girl it was appaling and I wan’t to apologize on behalf of the white community for that atrocity. When members of my race do shit like that it makes me ashamed to be white. Also I’ll apologize for the nooses, NO ONE needs to be intimidated like that and the majority of white people do not condone such behavior. And “just another whitey” god won’t do shit. People must do stuff for themselves! Promoting individual rights and not falling for “my race is superior to yours” bullshit racism that has no basis in reality is the way to go. And about drugs, white supremacist probably do more ice (glass or meth), snow (blow or coke), and rocket fuel (or angel dust or PCP) then any other group of people I can think of! I’m not accusing anyone of being a racist just throwing that out there.

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