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Hillary Plays the Race Card…WELL

October 12, 2007

As President of the United States, Bill Clinton implemented policies that savaged the Black community.

He slashed government assistance programs for the poor without providing commensurate job training that disproportionately affected African Americans.

He signed the Clinton Crime Bill, which commenced the grist mill of the prison industrial complex that has pilloried the African American community by sending more Black men to prison at a greater rate than ever in our nations history.

He sat silent as both the state of California and Texas ended affirmative action programs in higher education, which adversely affected the potential development of the Black middle class in those states, while setting dangerous trends for other states.

But Bill Clinton was the master of the politics of symbolism. Unfortunately, that was enough for most uninformed African Americans.

Is Hillary Clinton going to offer a progressive agenda for Black America in opposition to the onslaught commenced by her husband?  Or will she master the politics of symbolism to gain the sympathy of willing Black enablers who sit and watch as their community is decimated? If the latter is Hillary’s plan, then what would these willing Black enablers have to gain from such betrayal?

Time will only tell.

You be the judge….

“Woe to the Negro, for he has so many friends.”–W.E.B. DuBois

African American Men for Hillary


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  1. October 13, 2007 12:40 am

    I’ll repeat this:

    If Black folk need reasons for why the Clintons are not our friends, I’ll give you four:
    1. Turning over AIDS treatment to Big Pharma, and , in essence, helping spread HIV/AIDS on the Continent in Africa, right at the moment it could have been contained.
    2. Turning over one, now on the second generation of Young Black Men to the Prison Industrial Complex via those drug sentencing laws.
    3. Failing to help Black Farmers at the Department of Agriculture – where the racist practices continue to this day
    4. Failing to go to bat for ANY ‘controversial’ Black nominee and bailing on them without blinking an eye.

    Thought of #5 – HIV/AIDS- Black women are the new face and Hillary was the ONLY Senator to vote against giving the funds to RURAL women.

  2. Recognisetheir permalink
    December 5, 2009 7:37 pm

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  1. Why I Don’t Support Clinton - Part 2 - No War for Polls at goodCRIMETHINK

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