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The Fix is in for Hillary “Democratic Party superdelegates”

January 8, 2008


From the

By Richard Lawrence Poe

FORGET IOWA. Forget New Hampshire. Forget the Democratic primaries altogether. The fix is in for Hillary Clinton. When Democrats convene this August in Denver, they will nominate Hillary as their candidate for President of the United States.

The day after Hillary’s loss in Iowa last Thursday, her campaign chief Terry McAuliffe told reporters, “Listen, Hillary is going to be the nominee. There’s no question.”

McAuliffe was not indulging in wishful thinking. He was stating a fact. He knows things the rest of us do not.

One thing McAuliffe knows is that Hillary controls a decisive majority of the Democratic Party superdelegates. The superdelegates control 42 percent of the votes needed to nominate Hillary. They may vote for whomever they wish, for any reason, and may change their minds at will. In August, they will nominate Hillary.

Democrats started the superdelegate system in 1984, to give party leaders tighter control over the nominating process.

This was partly in response to the catastrophic defeat of George McGovern, the radical, anti-war demagogue who, in 1972, lost every state in the union except Massachusetts to Richard Nixon.

To prevent such maverick candidates from winning the nomination in future, party leaders rigged the system. State delegates were no longer permitted to nominate presidential candidates on their own. Henceforth party-approved superdelegates would also cast votes.

Superdelegates are party stalwarts, Democrat officials whose loyalties favor party over state. Their number varies from one election to the next. Currently there are 852 superdelegates, including 29 state governors, 232 congressmen, 49 senators, two “shadow” or non-voting senators from the District of Columbia, and 540 Democratic Party leaders and officials of various sorts.

At this year’s Democratic Convention, 4,049 delegates will vote. Hillary must get 2,025 votes to win the nomination. This is the so-called “magic number”. The 852 superdelegates total 42 percent of the magic number. In a close race, their votes could prove decisive.

At this writing, CNN reports that 257 superdelegates have already pledged their votes: of them, 154 (60 percent) have pledged for Hillary; 50 (19 percent) for Barack Obama; and 33 (13 percent) for John Edwards.

Should Hillary falter in the primaries, the superdelegates will likely come to her rescue and nominate her anyway.

The Web site 2008 Democratic Convention Watch offers updated lists of superdelegates who have and have not pledged their votes.

Of course, Hillary cannot win from superdelegate votes alone. She must get a sizeable number of state delegates as well. This presents no problem for Hillary. Her political machine is deeply entrenched in America’s urban centers. These crowded cities can overwhelm rural voters, bringing entire states into Hillary’s camp, with large numbers of delegates.

The decisive date will be February 5, dubbed Super Duper Tuesday by political pundits. Twenty-four states will hold their primaries that day.

“These states include some of our largest and most delegate-rich states, such as California, New York, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey and others,” notes Steven Hill, political reform director for the leftwing New America Foundation. “Together these two dozen states hold enough delegates to nearly decide the presidential nomination all by themselves.”

Hillary is counting on that. As Steven Hill explains, “Having a single primary day with so many states… gives great advantage to those candidates with the most campaign cash and name recognition… It creates a virtual wealth primary in which new presidential faces will be quickly eliminated.”

In any contest of wealth, Hillary has the advantage. Her blue-chip backers include the likes of Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, wife of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild of the famed Rothschild banking dynasty.

“I’m always doing everything I possibly can for Hillary Clinton…”, Her Ladyship told Portfolio magazine. “I have been waiting for this since Bill Clinton left office, frankly.”

Married November 30, 2000, Lady de Rothschild spent her wedding night in the Clinton White House. reports that Hillary has raised $90.9 million, only slightly higher than Obama’s $80.3 million.

However, most of Hillary’s money is off the books. No one knows how many millions Hillary has laundered through George Soros’ “Shadow Party”, a network of Democrat front groups masquerading as non-partisan charities. These include Fund for America, the Democracy Alliance, America Votes and Media Matters for America, among others.

Republicans need to stop gloating over Hillary’s every misstep and see the big picture. Hillary has the money, the machine, and the support of global financial elites. Unless we can muster a counterforce of similar strength, Hillary will win the nomination and the presidency.



This link has the “proposed” SUPERDELEGATE LIST!

22 Comments leave one →
  1. underdog permalink
    January 8, 2008 12:02 pm

    This is a delusional dream and a very, very dangerous fantasy.

    If… (hardly likely) … Obama was to cruse through the primary process and win the nomination by the vote of the people…. and then the elites stole that from him in backroom polit buruea politics – trust me. The streets of America would burn with the fire of rage in a hundred cities.

    George Bush would declare Emergency Rule and cancel all elections.

    God help us.!!!!

    ARe you friggin’ nuts?

  2. January 8, 2008 1:46 pm

    The Clinton campaign has already started contacting SUPERDELEGATES and insuring their support. This is no delusional dream, this is the reality of the Clinton Campaign. All of this fake attempt to make it seem like their campaign is in a shambles is a smoke screen to keep people intoxicated by the drama while they are shoring up all their SUPERDELEGATES to insure she wins at the Democratic Convention.

  3. January 8, 2008 1:52 pm


    If it was close, this might be acceptable. But, if he continues to win Primary after Primary – it will literally tear the Democratic Party apart.

  4. January 8, 2008 2:11 pm

    Acceptable??!! HOW COULD THIS EVER BE ACCEPTABLE??? This was discussed on the Ed Shultz radio show yesterday only in passing. Rikyrah, PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS. Ed Shultz stated on national radio that Hillary Clinton has already started contacting her SUPERDELEGATES AS OF YESTERDAY. Hillary knows this primary will probably have to go to the convention.

    Tear the Democratic Party apart??!!!! SCREW THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!! This would TEAR AMERICA APART AND SEND BLACK AMERICA INTO A RAGE!!!! Did you look at the current list of Hillary’s SUPERDELEGATES on the link above? SOME OF THEM ARE MEMBERS OF THE CONGRESIONAL BLACK CAUCUS!!! KENDRICK MEEK HAS RECENTLY SIGNED ON AS HILLARY CLINTON’S SUPERDELEGATE!!! YOU’RE AN OBAMA SUPPORTER AND YOU DON’T REALIZE THAT THE ELECTION IS BEING STOLEN FROM YOU IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN EYES THROUGH BACKROOM DEALS???? I’m not even an OBAMA supporter and I’m INFURIATED at this development. This is MAJOR news that the MAJORITY of Americans and DEMOCRATS didn’t even know about. As close as you’ve been following politics DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THE SUPERDELEGATE SYSTEM??? They just started this in 1984!!! This is MAJOR and as Bloggers of Color we have an OBLIGATION to get the word out!!! As the post above shows, the SUPERDELEGATE strategy was DESIGNED PURPOSEFULY TO STOP CANDIDATES LIKE OBAMA FROM GETTING THE DEMOCRATIC NOMIANTION!!!!

  5. January 8, 2008 2:26 pm

    Then again, could some be pledging support so Hillary will become smug and complacent in her campaigning? Okay… scratch smug… she’s already been there.

  6. underdog permalink
    January 8, 2008 2:29 pm

    oh yea….. Detroit, Atlanta, LA, Chicago, New York, Philly, etc. etc. etc. BURNING….!!!!

    Laughible.. if not sad… the “democratic” party.

    I am a moderate/conservative Reagan Republican. I actually will consider voting for Barack because I think he has the intellegence, the poise and the character to lead this nation in critical times. How about that for amazing eh….!!!! Lifelong sunday church goin’ down to earth midwestern corn farmers in Iowa… flocked to Obama… that is the new reality!!!

    Neither the far leftwing MOONBAT LIBERALS in the Democratic Party nor the NEOCONS on the far rightwing fringe have a freeeeekin’ clue!

    MOONBATS = 15% of the population
    NEOCONS = 22% of the population.

    Total = 37%

    1/2 of them will not show up because of being disenfranchised on the right wing.. so that number drops to less than a quarter of the population voting on the extreams in this election cycle.

    Obama will stay calm, postitive and on track and win the nomination out right. And I predict he will keep the same message through the fall into November. History is about to be made.

  7. January 8, 2008 2:32 pm

    I agree the superdelegate concept is troubling, and I think there’s cause for concern but not ALL CAPS ALARM!!!

    The Convention is in AUGUST. Whom people “pledge” their support to now is as meaningless as the 25 point national lead Hillary had over Obama two weeks ago and as meaningless as the “majority” black support Clinton enjoyed last Spring.

    Time changes everything, and you absolutely cannot predict someone’s vote this far from the actual voting. Their pledges mean nothing. CBC members will come around if Obama keeps trouncing Hillary across the nation.

    When superdelegates made those pledges, Hillary was inevitable. They just need to catch up

  8. January 8, 2008 3:07 pm

    Tell the thousands of Black people who were purged from the voting rolls in the 2000 election that they don’t have reason for “ALL CAPS ALARM”, Baratunde.

    People don’t understand how the primary system works in relation to delegates. All this media fanfare and bluster about Obama is BLURRING THE REALITY that he only has 17 OFFICIAL DELEGATES to Hillary’s 16!! In other words, when it counts, Obama is only beating Hillary by one “vote” when translating delegates into actual votes for a nomination. Primaries are NOT winner take all systems like the electoral college. Therefore, as long as Hillary keeps coming in second and wins BIG STATES like New York and Florida she could EASILY put the super delegates in play and TAKE THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION!! And you don’t think there is cause for ‘ALL CAPS ALARM??”

  9. January 8, 2008 3:17 pm


    by ‘ acceptable’, I mean, they would pretend and be able to skate on it

    ” it was close’.

    It wouldn’t be to me…I’d NEVER vote for her.

    But, I stand by stance….it would tear the party asunder.

  10. January 8, 2008 3:59 pm

    Any system that has people pledging to support a candidate at the convention before the public has cast a single vote is a rotten system. Then again one can argue that our current campaign finance system trumps all standards for rottenness since even if Obama is elected by a purely democratic process he can still push NAFTA-like trade policies and keep the troops in Iraq based on debts owed.

  11. Chenna permalink
    January 8, 2008 5:46 pm

    I agree, this does raise eyebrows. Some MSM did report this fact when reporting on the Iowa results (I know the AP article I read the morning after the Iowa win mentioned that despite Clinton coming in 3rd, she got more regular delegates than Edwards who came in 2nd b/c Iowa’s caucus is quirky, & went on to mention that she was leading the entire pack because of her support from superdelegates). But yes, many outlets have not prominently reported on this aspect of the system. Hopefully, folks will get hip to the game.

  12. January 9, 2008 1:51 am

    well you’re right that any shadiness when it comes to vote counting in this country is indeed cause for all caps alarm.

    do you know the history of superdelegates reneging on their pledges? all i’m saying is that what folks say this far out may not really matter.

    but fight on and keep educating me and other folks. i don’t always know what i’m talking about 😉

  13. January 12, 2008 4:43 pm

    yo TM, here’s an update on your super delegate concerns. Very important to keep an eye, but nothing is guaranteed. The Guardian UL has a good story

    e.g. Howard Dean led in super delegates, but people flip and many are undecided.

    there is, of course, something very undemocratic about the Democratic Party giving all this power to so few.

    good lookin. keep us up to date on the story if you continue to follow it. i’ll happily link to your research.


  14. Darryl Touchet permalink
    January 15, 2008 9:14 pm

    This would all be good, but you are missing one variable in the equations. Don’t worry about rebublicans not winning, they will will. Why? Look at all the glorious media attention they are giving to Obama. At every turn, Hillary is cut off and cut down for the sake of Obama. This will ensure his victory and thus defeat of the democrats in the national election. So in the end, the corporations are looking out for the republicans, and don’t worry they will make sure one gets elected.

  15. January 15, 2008 10:07 pm

    Mr. Touchet: So Basically you’re saying White America is too RACIST to vote for Barack Obama, hence any Republican who runs against him (Because they’re obviosly all White Male candidates) will easily beat him? And you’re happy about that? What kind of comment does that make about you? Better yet, what kind of comment does that make about White America, assuming your premise is true?

  16. Craig permalink
    January 27, 2008 12:04 pm

    This is a quote from the Jan. 27 article in the New York Times on Mr. Clinton’s campaign in South Carolina titled “A Former President, Back in the Thick of Politics”. So even as Obama wins big in South Carolina, the Hillary has her attack dog calling in favors in the smoke filled back rooms.

    “Mr. Clinton finished in Myrtle Beach a few nights ago at midnight after a session that lasted three hours. And on the long drives between appearances, he works the phones, trying to win over those officials who will have superdelegate status at the Democratic National Convention.”

  17. kevin-California permalink
    January 31, 2008 3:48 am

    Calm down folks, you’re kind of getting panic, thus all loosing your mind.

    Super delegate system is very thoughtful. If you look at WHO are those delegates, you’d understand why it has to be that way. Remember this is the party nomination process, and NOT the general election. If you don’t like a particular
    candidate representing your party, you could always have different choices ( either stay home, or vote for the other party candidate).
    The super-delegate system is designed to make sure that all democratic governors, congressmen, senators, party leaders have some voice in the nomination process b/c those people will be ones who work hand-in-hand with the president in many issues if later on he/she was nominated. It’s not a corrupted system favoring to the wealthy as you might think, instead it’s very considerate and balanced.

    How do you, as a regular citizen, know exactly who Obama is. Is he viable to be elected? Could he beat the republican candidate come in November? Is Obama a real good person, and has enough experiences? Is his stance on issues aligned with the democratic party? .. could he get along and have a good working relationship with other elected democrats… Those super delegates would carefully look into ‘everything’, and care more than you do when they decide their vote. They’re just like you being involved in the selection process, except they’re insiders. Some believe in Obama, some trust Hillary..
    I like Obama with great speech containing words rhymed one after another, very poetic, and make me feel good, exciting…that one could feel a message of change floating in the air.

    Vote for him? NO. So just let’s be realistic!
    a President must have a network of good, trusted, talented people working for and with him/her.

    Obama is too young who has never been elected to hold any important position at federal level before, except his 2 years working in the Senate. Therefore, it would be really tough for a young, and inexperienced senator to handle the job.

    I believe Obama is a good and honest person, very idealistic who could get any good position elsewhere working for the people, and that’s it. Just like any sport, a different league requires different players with different level of play. Presidential politics is tougher than lot of people might imagine.

  18. Shakar permalink
    February 7, 2008 6:33 am

    In response to the last entry wherein the superdelegate system is decribed as “very thoughtful.” It would take as much thinking as it would for a school of fish to follow its leader. Are you nuts? “Very thoughtful?” There may be a rebel or two —even a few handful, but rebels are far and few in this world, but most especially in the world of politics, especially for a just cause. These insiders are bought by the one they have known for all of these years, afterall, she’s one of them, one who can repay a favor, one who has probably all ready stacked up such favors to repay. One would be niave to think that these insiders of Hillary’s power machine are thinking about what is best for the American people—and they shouldn’t be entrusted with such power even if they were, but they won’t be. They’ll be thinking like most un-idealistic politician thinks, you know, the kind you Obama as not being like, i.e., They’ll be thinking about cashing in on favors or basking in the glow of repaid loyalty. And just because they “know” Hillary in whatever way they happen to know her (which certainly is not as President of the United States, a position that tends to exaccerbate whatever bad characteristics one might all ready have, like in for example one who tends to DIVIDE people, or not PLAY BY THE RULES) doesn’t mean that their reasons for giving her their allegiance is good, healthy or beneficial for the American people.

    And as for these questions with regards to Obama: How do you, as a regular citizen, know exactly who Obama is. I know him no more than you know who EXACTLY Hillary is…In fact, I hear that with her, you never can count on who you are getting ….And there is something far more profound that one can use to sense who another is…and it doesn’t involve paying attention only to what the candidate wants you to know or what corporate media wants you to know….It involves, you’re sense of character judgement, intuition, yes,…and even you gut. Obama shows so many of us far more than mere poetry but I suppose if you’re brain dead, this might be all you experience when you really listen to what this multi-cultural, traveled, Harvard Valedictorian, Attorney, Professor, Community Organizer, Author and Senator of the Unitied States who happens to be the same age Bill Clinton was when he was elected is trying to do. He is a welcomed and desperately needed breath of fresh air that can finally unite a much divided White house, country and world. Is he he viable to be elected? Obviously! Could he beat the republican candidate come in November? Though we know that polls can be wrong, all polls favor his chances at being successful at beating McCain, than any of the other candidates were, including Hillary. But then if one just looks at the situation logically, Obama will naturally attract many of the Independents that McCain would otherwise, and Hillary would repel those very same Independents who tend to not like her, to put it mildly. Is Obama a real good person, and has enough experiences? Lets leave the readers of this blog to make up their minds about how “real good” he is and let me ask after all has been said and done, if you really think that Hillary is a “real good” person? Is his stance on issues aligned with the democratic party? If Hillary’s stance is seen as being in alignment, then the apple doesn’t far from the tree, except that he believes in not starting illegal and unwarranted “pre-emptive” wars–something I thought was aligned with the democratic party… Could he get along and have a good working relationship with other elected democrats…More so than any other candidate I am sure. How do you think he has mobilized such a powerful force of support?…He gets along with people! He inspires people! He brings the best out in people and motivates them to work for and with him! He will surely do this with his colleagues once he is President of the Unitied States.

    And you can trust that the many thousands who have all ready voted for him are being “realstic” in their choice. Why wouldn’t they be? He and the movement that he has co-created with the masses is one of the best things that has happened to this country since the civil rights movement. And we may not even know what this movement is exactly until we look back upon this time for historical reflection, but it is clear that we as a nation, (even as a world of nations) have an urgent need for the leadership from one once-unknown but unknown-no-more Barack Obama!

    And by the way, I agree that when one is playing to same old sorry game over and over again, experience helps, but Obama and the people of the United States are tired of the same old sorry game of go nowhere (except to war and a recession) politics. We want someone who will hear our desire to go where we have only dreamed of going before and who will dare to dream it, believe it and make it happen! You speak of being realistic…Realism is the art of making what isn’t real realized. If you want to accuse Obama as being only an artist, well, if so, he is proving himself to have mastered the art of making that which seems “unrealistic” real indeed. If Obama were the little nothing your condescention makes him out to be, you wouldn’t be having to indulge in this very conversation. You would be able to flick him away like a pesty little good for nothing fly…but he is not to be gotten rid of so easily, because he is a palpable and powerful force to be reckoned with, but morso because he is the voice and the strength of the American people mixed in with a little good old Obama brilliance. You say be realistic? Every good thing that has ever happened began as an unrealized dream. Obama is a manifestation of the American dream..and now he will help to bring our dreams as a nation into REALITY! And PS—Every president brought the history he had with him into the oval office…and you can rest assure that every one of them had a first term….For god’s sake, Reagan was an actor!!!

  19. JesseT permalink
    February 27, 2008 4:16 pm

    Have you seen this superdelegate spoof video? Pretty funny:

  20. JesseT permalink
    February 27, 2008 4:16 pm


  21. February 10, 2016 1:33 pm

    Well, it’s 2016. It interesting to see how wrong Richard Poe was. The delegates deserted Clinton and went for Obama. The lesson is that listening to “insiders” has and then stating predictions as absolute facts is stupid.


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