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NANCY PELOSI: Proof Positive White Female Political Leadership Means Status Quo

January 11, 2008


By Thought Merchant

It was cause for celebration when Nancy Pelosi was to become the first female Speaker of the House during a war where thousands of soldiers had died. Democrats rallied together on a platform based on ending corruption and ending the war in Iraq. Ironically, it took first term Senator Barack Obama to bring forth the most sweeping ethics reform in the nations history since Richard Nixon. Yet it was left to Pelosi to marshall the troops to end a war which most thought was horrible and unnecessary. How did she respond? One of the first statements she made on the subject of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney was, “Impeachment is off the table.” Many Democrats in the Anti war movement were astonished at her casual dismissal of the requests of thousands of Americans to begin investigation into impeachment for the laundry list of offenses committed by the Bush Administration. Is this how the first White woman to be Speaker of the House takes comfort in denigrating a significant portion of Americans who call for impeachment of what many have called “the most criminal administration since Nixon?”

If this is the case, why should we expect any better with a White Female president named Clinton (filled with all the same benefits of white female privilege) to do anything but mantain status-quo politics (or worse). The same status-quo politics that are destroying this nation.

Hillary Clinton voted for the war and the Kyle-Leiberman Amendment, which would classify the Iranian Revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization and ratchet up unnecessary “SABER RATTLING” to strike up the band for us to enter another war: This time with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Nancy Pelosi has failed at any attempt to bring the troops home, or pass any other meaningful legislation. As Speaker of the House she has rolled over repeatedly for the vicious policies of the Bush Administration using tired excuses  with no substance; So much for the benefits of White Female political leadership in America.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has no problem resorting to gender politics and showing her “vagina card” by fawning tears at a campaign  event to gain white female sympathy translating into support to foster a victory in New Hampshire.  She was aided in this effort by her ever-ready lap dog Bill Richardson. Richarson scrounged around New Hampshire enough to find every Latino he could muster to act as a firewall against Barack Obama’s clearly approaching victory.  If this wasn’t done, Obama clearly would have gained the 4% that Richardson russeled up for the purposes of acting as Hillary’s Barack Obama “Firewall.”

What change does a White Female presidential candidate offer when she uses base ethnic and gender politics to win in the New Hampshire primary? Richardson, who prior to New Hampshire, stated he would fight all the way to Nevada, BOWED OUT as soon as Hillary obtained her Pyrrhic victory. This is the woman who wants to be an agent of change?? In American politics, if we are to supposed to believe there is value in the symbol of a White Female executive, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton show that such a symbol has no true value.

Hillary simply wants to put a lady’s pants suit on American Status-quo politics, while Obama is fighting for his right to change it all together. Obama must not give up hope.



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  1. rikyrah permalink
    January 11, 2008 4:57 pm

    You are absolutely right. Someone on the radio said that Hillary votes like a White man. and that, is the truth. I’ve already told you that she fully intends to RUN on sending another generation of Young Black Men to the Prison Industrial Complex. …for that alone, Black folk defending her should be slapped.

  2. psburton permalink
    January 12, 2008 1:46 am

    In my blog I liken Senator Obama To Lincoln, of the two Hillary is a more experienced politician. The race is and will be wide open till super Tuesday.

    Take time to get out and support the candidate of your choice, still not to late for anyone who has never been active at the local level to become so.

    Senator Joe Biden was the best candidate for the Job. Who ever does win the primary, needs every possible vote.

    If after the convention is over democratic voters behave as they did last time around.

    George W Bush will have seemed like a member of the rainbow coalition compared to a President Mike Huckabee.

  3. Peter Levine permalink
    January 27, 2008 4:34 pm

    I have to say that it was simply heart-breaking to see and hear the total about-face and spineless response of Pelosi to the unspeakable criminality of the Bush administration. On the one hand, I cannot blame her for being concerned about her life when considering opposing Bush & company. But on the other hand, if she didn’t have the stomach for the job at hand why did she run for the position?

    In view of status quo of the control of big business over the lives of Americans and the rest of the globe, as well as the understanding that no
    crime is too great for these people in order to carry out their nefarious plans, it will take a person who is prepared to sacrifice life and limb, to mobilize enough hope in the hearts of Americans – if any real change is to be implemented.

    These people (mostly behind the scenes) are so ruthless, so demonic, that it is difficult for the average human being to think that such darkness could exist is the minds and hearts of those who perpetrate an invisible strangle hold on the planet as a whole. Therefore it seems that the only alternative would be a “reign of terror” like the world has seen in French revolution, for a real fresh start to begin.

    The problem remains, however, in the understanding that not a blade of grass moves without the sanction of God. And therefore we have to ask ourselves why such retribution is being dealt out to the planet as a whole, simply using these demoniac elements as the agents of supply!

    If one can accept the above hypothesis, then we must conclude that the strength of the powers that be is generated by our own lack of virtue as a planetary family. To understand these assertions is called “taking responsibility.”

    God is just, and He is on nobody’s side. He puts forward the laws by which we are to live, in order that we may be reinstated in our rightful inheritance. The rest is up to us. That is the meaning of freedom.

    All the bonafide scriptures tell us the same thing. No sexual connection outside of holy matrimony. No gambling. No intoxication. And no killing.

    No killing means that the organized and unnecessary organized slaughter of helpless inoffensive creatures must be stopped. Nature’s backlash is – war in which hundreds of thousands or even millions of people are killed.

    These are not concocted ideas arising from the vanity of mental speculation. But rather, these principles are are documented in the scriptures. Where there is intoxication, austerity will vanish. Where there is unnecessary killing, mercy will vanish. Where there is illicit sexual connection, cleanliness will vanish. And where there is gambling, honesty will vanish.

    These are not new ideas and therefore when a contingent wants to conquer a nation these unwanted activities are provided freely so that the people under attack have not the strength, the unity, the intelligence or the determination to offer resistance.

    This is a great science and cannot properly or rightly be instructed here in fullness. But those who are interested to hear more are free to reach us at , ATTN: ISHAN DAS

    Most sincerely yours,

    Peter Levine (ISHAN DAS)

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