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Super-Delegates and the Fight for the White House

January 14, 2008


Iraqi voting for the first time. Is our system any better than theirs? 

From the Guardian Unlimited

Saturday January 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton holds an impressive lead over Barack Obama. Mitt Romney is edging out Mike Huckabee, with John McCain far behind.Almost anyone following the unpredictable battle for the White House would protest that appraisal. But Clinton and Romney are winning the competition for delegates, the representatives who will cast ballots at the party nominating conventions this summer.Clinton has locked in more than twice as many delegates as Obama, with 183 to his 78, according to a tracking tally kept by CNN. Romney has lined up 30 Republican delegates, with Huckabee close behind on 21 and McCain on 10. Despite the media fixation and voter attention that come from early wins in the presidential cycle, strategists in every camp are keeping one eye on the delegate count.
The Above article is by the Guardian Unlimited, but the rest of it can be found Here
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