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The Media Turns on Obama…

February 18, 2008
By Guest Writer GregX  
During the last two weeks, there have been two themes in the media coverage of the campaign; 1) an emphasis on Obama’s alleged inexperience and 2) What Hillary needs to do to make a comeback (not conversely what Obama needs to do to win).  This coverage has been unfolding within an environment where Race has in subtle and not so subtle ways injected into the discourse to remind white folks that despite his charm and aspirational speeches, Obama is in fact a black man. 
A major byproduct of  the consolidation and “corporatization” of the media (e.g. GE owns NBC, Cap Cities ABC, Rupert Murdoch, Fox etc.), is that the mainstream media is THE most powerful force in US politics.  If you can control what people hear and see, then ultimately you can control what people think and do.  And to the degree that the media has become an agent and extension of entrenched corporate interests, the media has an overarching interest in maintaining the status quo (e.g., war in Iraq, economic stratification and marginalization of the working poor, consolidation of wealth and political power via regressive tax and free trade policy).  As a consequence, Barack Obama who is a relatively unknown quantity represents a threat and and a risk that folks representing entrenched corporate and political power simply cannot afford to ignore. 
Unfortunately, the media will turn out the lights on Obama just like they did with Howard Dean in 2004.  I hope I am wrong, and I will continue to support Obama.
Let us hear what you think?
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  1. Roland permalink
    February 19, 2008 8:48 am

    And the sad part is that “Pro black radical” Tavis Smiley is twisting the knife.

  2. Chesapeake permalink
    February 19, 2008 5:34 pm

    This should come as no surprise. Except for the sensational “3 H’s”, Senator Edwards was “browned out” (Edwardian speech for “all but blacked out”). That was no surprise since Edwards made it clear he was going to keep them outside and away from the policy table.

    But really, it appears the mainstream media can’t decide who’s next. They (GE, Viacom, Disney, CNN, Fox, and even NPR) have gone back and forth, lock step and in unison, striking Clinton and now Obama. It’s Obama’s turn. They will determine whether they stay on his tail or not. Rest assured, there’ll be a theme that weaves through each of their outlets. They have flexed their muscles and proved that the internet and progressive media are no match against their consolidated and collusive biggness!

    What is not clear is whether they desire Obama or Clinton, or whether the latest shift to Obama is for purposes of protracting and extending the nomination to the convention so they can continue to sell ads at high prices. Either way, they have controlled this thing.

    What is clear is that they are now making McCain out to be the darling.

    You should NEVER base decisions on what the mainstream media says. Definitely don’t listen, only, to their broadcasts. If you can stand it, cut the broadcasts off. They’re tabloid, anyway!

    Read them, read between their lines, read through and around them … don’t take them at face value.

  3. Alessan permalink
    February 20, 2008 10:48 pm

    Right now they prefer Obama to Clinton, clearly it’s because he has won 10 states in a row in the primaries. The NY Times has now hatched out old news about alleged affair of McCain’s, the women was a lobbyiest, is the affair on going I don’t think the article was clear. After all McCain did mention an agreement between Obama and himself agreeing to public finance in the general election (McCain, prematurely thinking Obama will be the Dem nominee and he will be the Rep. nominee). But it’s all comes under ethics in the campaign, and is Obama a man of his word. McCain’s attack from the news is fodder for Obama to use in his answer to McCain by bringing up taking money from lobbyiest even though McCain has brought up campaign reform in the senate. Well obviously nothing has changed, because there are still lobbyiest who influence everything that happens in DC.

    Obama has to take the licks coming, racist or otherwise, did anyone ever
    think this campaign with a black man would ever end without race brought
    up, even though Obama has tried not mentioning his nationality, I guess
    he must think, everyone has read his books. White liberals think Obama is
    different from Hillary not because they believe in different things but because
    he is black, and may do something different in the White House than the white
    men have done in the past, especially GW Bush.

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