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February 23, 2008

Who says latinos don’t like Obama?

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  1. jennifer permalink
    February 23, 2008 6:26 pm

    Obama Propaganda

    Barack Obama is using the same tactics that Hiltler used.
    1) Bitterness against the current events of the past 7 years
    2) Change propaganda
    3) Programmed, promising every supporter something
    4) Attacks opponents, twisting the race factor to make the others look like they used it.
    5) Personal qualities, his self belief that leads people to believe in what he says
    6) Support by elite class in business, media and government.
    The current democratic society propaganda is more sophisticated and more elaborate due to it’s invisibility and not easily identifiable. It does not need a coordinator because it is self sustaining system. The reality of the media is that it is not accessible to everyone. It is controlled by government and the principal corporations. Why, because they have the money, authority, and power. Hegemonic ideology tries to legitimate the current society by its institutions and model of life. It is easier to change the minds of people when they think they have made the decision themselves. Quoting Gramsci, mass media does not define a new reality but rather allow those in power of society to represent themselves. The media reflects the power of the elites.
    The mass media has been compared to the influence that the role of the Church had in the Middle Ages. The media picks and chooses what they want the masses to see, leaving out that they don’t want known. The mass media sets the viewpoint by emphasizing the importance of or lack of importance of issues. This sets the agenda of what people talk about.
    Herman and Chomsky have said before raw news becomes news it must pass through a series of five filters; 1. Size, concentrated ownership, owner wealth, profit orientation of dominate mass media firms; 2. Primary source of income for mass media is advertising; 3. Reliance of government, business, experts funded and approved by them to give mass media the approved information; 5. Anti-communism as a national religion and control mechanism.
    The power of the U.S. propaganda system lies in its ability to mobilize an elite consensus, to give the appearance of democratic consent, and to create enough confusion, misunderstanding, and apathy in the general population to allow elite programs to go forward (Herman, 1996).
    An independent mind must seek to separate itself from official doctrine, and from the criticism advanced by its alleged opponents; not just from the assertion of propaganda system, but from its tacit presuppositions as well, expressed by critic and defender. (Chomsky, 1982)
    The aim of a new propaganda is to convince people to love their “slavery”, confusing it with freedom (Huxley, 1958). In this context it is difficult to open the eyes of people, because they have learned to love this way of life.

  2. jennifer permalink
    February 23, 2008 6:38 pm

    Idealism vs realism. Obama vs Clinton. Give me realism over idealism any day. The 60’s idealism was killed by the same people who fought for it after they grew up and realized that the world operates in reality not dreams. There is always compromise when it comes to idealism in order it get a small piece of the dream into mainsteam. Obama has used this to focus on the younger people because those with more life experience know better than to take what he says at face value and looks beyond the rhetoric. He has used his race regardless what the mass media wants you to believe and it’s quite evident but those who follow him choose to keep a blind eye to it. My belief is that when he shows his true colors, which are starting to show more and more, his followers are going to be disappointed just like all the idealist believers.

  3. jennifer permalink
    February 23, 2008 6:45 pm

    better to sell an idea than buy a lie. Looks like you bought your lie hook, line, and sinker. If black people really were against racism why do they insist on being separate? Isn’t that what MLK was fighting for?

  4. February 28, 2008 12:22 am

    What do any of these reponses have to do with the topic at hand? I like the video – thought it was imaginative.

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