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How Would Malcolm X View Today’s Popular Culture?

February 25, 2010
In light of Malcolm X’s speech below:

How would Malcolm X view the degrading nature of the popular music and culture we allow to constantly defile and demoralize all women, but especially Black women. Have we, as Black men failed in the charge that Malcolm has put before us in the video above? If we as Black men are not interested in protecting the images and depictions of our women, then who will be. However, there is another issue. If Black Feminists argue that ending patriarchy is the key to stopping the exploitation of sisters in this fashion, I ask: How can you criticize Black men for not taking the lead in our communities for protecting the image of the Black women, yet still fight against the notions of gender roles that patriarchy dictate which emphasize that a man should be the caretaker and protector of his woman’s integrity? How can you as a Black feminist fight the same patriarchal system you demand your men live up to in order to ensure your protection and the sanctity of your image in the media? Lets talk about it…


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