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George W. Bush Puppet Regime Leader After Aristide Coup, Implicated in Debacle in Cote D’Ivoire

February 14, 2011

Gerard Latortue to the left of Bush Secretary of State Condi Rice

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The post-election crisis that has shaken Côte d’Ivoire, from November 28, 2010, has not finished delivering its secrets, its share of conspirators and their alibis to get its hands on the riches of our country. With each revelation, we learn more about all the dirty proposals rejected by Laurent Gbagbo, which earned him the round of so many political jackals carpets in the international community. In what follows, the member Mamadou Ben Soumahoro unveils the partition of former Haitian Prime Minister Gerard Latortue, who led the delegation of observers from the International Organization of la Francophonie in Côte d’Ivoire. It establishes its connections to Paris and the UN.

Nobody is really paying attention. And yet it happened. At the end of the observation mission of the presidential election he conducted in Côte d’Ivoire, on behalf of the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF), Mr. Gerard Latortue has compiled its report to the foot Mr. Young Jin Choi, the premises of UNOCI headquarters at the Hotel Sebroko. Immediately fact, he flew back to Paris the same evening, leaving the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN in Côte d’Ivoire, to drive the nail care and manage the crisis they had prepared together cons Ivorians. Mr. Gerard Latortue had so tell us, clearly, that Young Jin Choi is his buddy in the local manufacture of the post-election crisis that has engulfed our country since November 28, 2010. Latortue and Choi have acted to impose Alassane Ouattara hope the Ivorian people. This is one of the panels of this plot with many tentacles engaged to get its hands on the Cote d’Ivoire. But its beginnings date back long. A few years earlier.

The indecent proposal
Gbagbo, the candidate

It’s 2008. Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Haiti, Gerard Latortue, an old personal knowledge, through me requesting an appointment with the Head of State of Côte d’Ivoire. It gets even more easily as it claimed would bring to the attention of President Laurent Gbagbo’s “experience” that he had just succeeded in his own country when ours was about to go turn important in presidential elections announced at that time, in November 2009. Thus, taking the opportunity offered to him, Gerard Latortue was allowed to propose to Laurent Gbagbo to be put under “the protection of George W. Bush and the United States of America. ” For the implementation of this project, the man pointed to President Laurent Gbagbo and his intimate relations with the brother preferred the President of the United States, Governor of the State of Florida. The rest is through the intervention of the latter that President Bush has appointed Gerard Latortue to lead, as an interim government of Haiti. Gerard Latortue was to organize elections to end the crisis after the ouster of President Jean Bertrand Aristide filed earlier by UN forces, still under the tutelage of Gerard Latortue, their agent. The United States wanted as President Rene Preval of Haiti, the United States and Gerard Latortue have “given” Rene Preval in Haiti. After the rigged election successfully, Gerard Latortue has sought personal gain from his experience with Laurent Gbagbo. A White Paper was published by him. He proposed to the Ivorian President during the hearing which was granted. This white paper moreover he served viaticum to offer its services to all African capitals who were preparing for elections in these troubled times.
At the second visit made to Laurent Gbagbo at his official residence in Cocody, Gerard Latortue, more concrete, proposed to his host a strategy of electoral hold-up with his personal assistance and the UN in New York. He announced that he would be put in as an international observer mission of our upcoming elections, on behalf of the OIF (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie) and its President Abdou Diouf. In anticipation of this “mission”, he asked President Laurent Gbagbo to immediately appoint a technical position at the UN headquarters in New York on behalf of Côte d’Ivoire, his traveling companion, a certain Marc Maxi notoriously known to be an honorable CIA agent. That other Haitians who had previously led humanitarian organization CARE for West Africa, was put in place the mechanism that would involve the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon himself, to support everything that would be on the ground in Cote d’Ivoire to ensure the victory of President Laurent Gbagbo “flawless.”According to plans Latortue, the election’s outcome, no matter the score, either the first or second round, former Prime Minister of Haiti representative OIF was simply “credible” results in in favor of Gbagbo, speaking on behalf of all European Union observers and on behalf of the OIF. The UN would then recognize the sincerity of the vote and, under the plan, the other candidates would have had their eyes to weep. This is exactly the same pattern he had proposed in Guinea-Conakry before the death of President Lassana Conte. The coup Camara ended his hopes and wiped out his plan for elections in Guinea.

Big deal for Ouattara and connections

At the end of her visit to Laurent Gbagbo, the Ivorian President had listened to the speech rather annoyed corrupt Gerard Latortue, has been put by me a sum of money, tens of millions of CFA francs, for facilitate her stay and her fellow CIA agent, Marc Maxi. The head of state did not follow the approach of indecent ex-Prime Minister of Haiti Gerard Latortue. His incessant phone calls have also found no echo with President Laurent Gbagbo for many months. His project has remained a dead letter because it fell on a true democrat and an intellectual honesty that has always built his life on the truth of the People’s anointing. Gerard Latortue has not stopped harassing me, I who brought with President Laurent Gbagbo. Again, without any result. Obviously, the President of Côte d’Ivoire had felt deeply offended by the proposal dishonest Gerard Latortue has he finally spurned by not responding to its most urgent calls.
Of course, all this company had a price in mind the sales representative of the OIF and the United Nations. Laurent Gbagbo’s refusal was for him and his sponsors with a huge shortfall that had to be filled one way or another. Thus Gerard Latortue and Marc Maxi offered their service to evil Alassane Ouattara and his wife Dominique Folloroux. Knowing his people skills, the wife of the greatest impostor before the LORD, Alassane Ouattara, had to consolidate the project villain Latortue hastened by the accession of their French friends, American and Ivorian U.S. citizen living in the United States. What was once a plan to consolidate the advantage of the best placed candidate in the spirit of Gerard Latortue and his cohorts rushed to pocket a few million dollars, became, by necessity, an element founders of the international conspiracy that continues to shake the Ivory Coast, my beautiful country. This plot should give the winner that nobody expected, that is to say, Alassane Ouattara. To better understand the ins and outs of this vast conspiracy that has spread to some servants of Mr. Sarkozy in Africa, including Burkina Faso’s Blaise Compaore and the Senegalese Abdoulaye Wade, it is important to know that the main actor, mici Dominici-shade, Gerard Latortue, has served as permanent representative of UNDP (UN Development Programme) in Cotonou in the 70s and at that same title, in Ivory Coast for five years under the authority of the Algerian Abderamane Kane, who headed the organization from Vienna, Austria.
You said the United Nations? What is there to do the plot? Of course the elections! The famous election! The pretext found everything! But in this area, the data are known: Since 2002,”International Community”wanted the head of Laurent Gbagbo. That’s all! But then, all attempts have failed miserably. It lacked a henchman “credible”, away from Africa, discreet and effective to perform operation “remove Gbagbo.” The first recipient, Alassane Ouattara, for once, is not picked him since he was unaware of his existence. The man allegedly angel came to himself after his defeat at the foot of Laurent Gbagbo, Gerard Latortue went propose a forfeiture of the OIF to Ouattara. Abdou Diouf, former President of the Republic of Senegal was a candidate to succeed himself at the head of the francophone organization. The boost from Latortue has certainly done well. Renewal of the mandate of Abdou Diouf in Switzerland, Nicolas Sarkozy has decided on its own, instead of all African heads of state present, trampling their dignity. Côte d’Ivoire is well worth a Mass, and everyone said Amen!

“Give me the head of
Gbagbo, and get the UN ”

So it has traded the honor and security of 20 million Ivorians against the comfort of the position of a man who was, however, chief of an African state, not less. Gerard Latortue is a zealous and artisans interested in this farce that failed in its version of OIF, Côte d’Ivoire. Miserably!Anyway, whichever way you take it, the conspiracy that is trying to destabilize our country finds its epicenter in the United Nations, his executor is Mr. Ban Ki-moon who, despite his proven incompetence, wants a second mandate. Nicolas Sarkozy de Nagy Bosca, which holds a veto as a permanent member of the Security Council, has assured him of blocking all initiatives for emerging countries to open the road to success in the next election as Secretary General of the UN . This may largely explain the eagerness of Mr. Ban Ki-moon and his “brother” South Korean Choi Young Jin who is in Ivory Coast and the shoulder to win the future “service” expected Sarkozy. It was no coincidence that Mr. Gerard Latortue, head of the observers of the OIF in the Ivorian presidential November 28, wrote his report at the foot of Mr. Choi, on the premises of UNOCI headquarters in Hotel Sebroko, just before flying back to Paris the same evening, leaving his buddy Choi care to drive the point home and manage the crisis they had prepared together against the Ivorians.
These revelations are neither a fiction nor a novel. For those who doubt, I demand that Mr. Gerard Latortue explained comes before the people of Côte d’Ivoire to refute, if he can still, all these very serious accusations against him that I wear as an Ivorian who thought he could count on his friendship. I cry by my disappointment and anger against his greedy behavior, crass mercantilism and interested.
Mr. Gerard Latortue, you’ve probably known throughout this section of your unworthiness informant vis-à-vis the Côte d’Ivoire, my country. I expect you to take you personally if you dare contradict accept a face to face here in Abidjan, in front of everyone.
Finally, I understand now why you have not responded to the call of the President of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), which would give me the opportunity to shake hands with the Pullman Abidjan Plateau where the I could never find you. Mr. Youssouf Bakayoko was unaware that I can not count among your friends and Abidjan itself, Youssouf Bakayoko, had already been exploited by you, Gerard Latortue, and by Ban Ki-moon on behalf of Alassane Ouattara.

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