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Why America Deserves Donald Trump as President

September 26, 2016
America deserves Donald Trump as a president. He is the most accurate representation of every vile and base motivation that gave birth to this White Settler Colonial Project called America. Those are the most honest motivations of course. He is literally what America would look like if embodied in a human being; with all its bluster, insecurity laden macho, and total exaggerated list of accomplishments. Trump deserves to be president because he so effectively illustrates all the ugly hypocrisies, contradictions, venal greed, and crass lust that is at the core of this Nation’s identity.
His honest reflection of what America truly is explains why I don’t fear his rise. Trump is simply a political manifestation of all America has ever been: arrogant, belligerent, dishonest, and motivated by sheer avarice. It is fitting that after a charade of a president like Barack Obama, who was merely manufactured by the power elite to create a brown faced smoke screen after the greatest economic crash since 1929 in order to protect the most horrid capitalist offenders: The Big Banks, that the real America show its face in a President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the vapid identity politics of “The First Black… First Woman….First Gay…First Transgender….,” which lulls Americans to sleep under some banal post Civil Rights pseudo claim to progress only because “one of us is now driving the Death Star,” can be put to rest. Such politics have been effectively used to motivate all the “oppressed” lumpen of this nation to cheerlead as their Black; female; gay; and transgender comprador brothers and sisters to American empire drop bombs on Syrian children and protect police for snuffing out the lives of unarmed Black motorists. At least a President Trump would disabuse us of the ridiculous notion that America has made progress because Barack Obama has droned more nations than George W. Bush all in the name of Martin Luther King’s Dream.
A President Donald Trump would allow us to return to a more honest America where we didn’t have to act like we agreed with a president’s various blood drenched imperialist acts because they were Black or a woman. Trump lets the blue eyed impotency of American empire return to the nature of those this nation was designed to benefit: The pale masculine forms whose contempt for brown, black, and even their own women, creates the confusion among their victims as they cling to contrived notions of gender equality which only cause them to lie next to their masculine masters as they further plot the exploitation of humanity together under the guise of gender based progress.
Hillary Clinton would be a much more cruel mercenary since her estrogen driven lust to wield the phallically insecure tools that have promoted this demonic White male fantasy of an empire are so cravenly manifested as blood can almost be seen dripping from her lips as she cheers for more war and corporate greed while the sheep scream “I’m with her.”
America Deserves a Donald Trump presidency because it ends the charade of humanitarian care and progress as this nations power elite continue their cries for population control that end up with the black and brown nations of the world being choked to death by the fog of bombs while being crushed by the remaining rubble.
There is no reason to fear Donald Trump as president. He would do justice to all that is humane on this planet by putting blame for the human carnage on the types whose souls will be eternally cursed for the damage they cause while they fill their pockets with profit from the carcasses of the rest of humanity.
Give America Donald Trump; so it can see its true father and be forever clear on its purpose and function in the universe. Such clarity is needed for those truly interested in fighting for justice.
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  1. December 2, 2016 2:51 pm

    : Glad you’re still online! Like Saul Williams said in this video, “We get the leaders we deserve.” (

    No other way to say it- a flock of dodos will be led by a DODO.

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